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Pokemon Celestium

Hack Information

Hack Name: Pokémon Celestium
ROM Base: Pokémon Fire Red
Date of commencement: February 2010
Language: English
Creator: Alignment
Beta 1:


First off, my name's Alignment, and I created this hack. I've been hacking for almost a week before my join date. A friend of mine got me into it before he quit, though he didn't give much guidance :P

When I started hacking, I was as good as any kid, so I tried spriting, and then going on to things like scripting. Since then, through reading tutorials, experimenting and the help of some friends, I've been able to gather the requirements to start a ROM Hack. This is actually my second, my first is somewhere hidden in the depths of my Recycling Bin (never to be recycled again though). That's about as much time I want to spend on myself, now to the hack :D
If you want to know about me more just VM :)


Many people died, Pokémon had become tools that people no matter what age had started to use. Ever since planet Tyes collided with earth, Pokémon were over powered by strange new creatures. People still use Pokémon for battle, but regular Pokémon can’t stand even the slightest chance against their new counterparts locals refer to as “Emon”. In an attempt to extinguish these Emon, Pokémon trainers from across the globe fought in a war to over throw them, but failed miserably. Five years have passed since that time; memories of the events were vague to you. Your mother tells you continuous tales of your father, whom had taken part in this battle. As the days go by you hear the adults and elder of the town talking about some weird device that had the ability to “capture” Emon, but more importantly you heard your name and the name of one of your best friends in the chatter. The next day the town elder commands your presence in the ceremony hall. This had never occurred before, your mother packs you a lunch some Pokémon items and some other stuff, kisses you goodbye and starts to cry. You being only ten, have tears welling up in your eyes, your nervousness also takes over you as you run towards the ceremony hall, not looking back tears rushing through your eyes. You see your friend with a face similar to yours; evidently he probably faced the same thing at home. Your elder tells you that a scientist in your region had developed a special tool which allowed one to contain an Emon. Unfortunately there was only one ever created. Now the scientist had died in a battle against an Emon, but your elder believes that maybe he can clone the device, finally putting an end to the crisis. Luckily for you, the Emon infestation had yet to reach your village around a twenty mile radius. Your quest begins, with nothing more than a weak little Charmander, a pair of new running shoes, memories of your father, your will, and the light of hope shining on your back.


- This takes place in Kanto

- Region map and maps are different, once a planet strikes it's obviously going to change, is it not?

- No, the entire game doesn't have a full on serious approuch, there will be a few parts (like a route or something), that's just normal.

- There are still trainers around, though the quantity depends on where you are

Funny stuff:

- This hack was going to be called Pokemon Tyes

- The Planet's name, Tyes, was derived from a typo of the word "Yes", during an MSN chat with a friend :P

- Thats all for now :D



  • New maps, scripts, tiles, HP box ect.[/SIZE][/FONT]
  • Running shoes from the start (in buildings as well)
  • Fakemon! (Emon)
  • Play through with limited resources
  • Side quests
  • Pokemon adoption
  • New and old HMs
  • A little ASM
  • Village guardian based events
  • Meet rival/friend later in the game
  • Hidden plot ( Yes, there is more)

Features yet to be implemented:

New Hero/heroine OWs/sprites
Elder OW
Create a Pokeball that can catch Emon [I don't need this immediately though]

Sprite work:


You might notice some inconsistencies with the sprites, that's because I'm constantly changing/improving my abilities. Older sprites will be revisited.

Hero - WIP

Rival 1 - WIP

Rival 2

First gym leader

First line of Emon

First line evolved





I don't know how to make it appear on the page :(

Support banners:

This is the point where I wish I knew how to make those.

Created by TB Pro


  • Kyledove - Tiles
  • Wesley FG – Tiles
  • Dewitty – Tiles
  • NikaNoroU – Sprite editing
  • TB PRO - HP box, CSS, Support banner, being awesome
  • Cabe - Beta testing and ideas
  • Pokemonmasters - Beta testing
  • PinkishPurple - Beta testing

I'll probably have to increase this list as time goes by.


Feel free to comment, on anything. I'm open to critism as long as it's valid. I'll update the thread/hack accordingly.