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Originally Posted by Theab95 View Post
Guys, Mastermind X has fixed the save issue however there's 2 issues left, here is what he said from GBAtemp:

"Two issues remaining:

1) Saving crashes no$gba, but it writes a .SAV file now.
2) Loading doesn't work either.

The save seems to be valid, at least pokesav can read it. So, would you guys just give me some more time, I'm very close to it... =) "

Hope he fix it very soon.
Yeah, that's what I talking about! Wait more and - jeez, B\W on No$GBA! :D
Also, a totally stupid question. Does pokemon sprites (the little ones) still move? Because the one on Serebii doesn't. That's the cause - I love the way they move. Up, down, up, down. xD
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