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Collect eight badges as you receive your first Pokémon reluctantly from Professor Larcoon, a woman with a stubborn side. On your adventure, meet countless Pokémon and journey through Okyto on your quest to become the Pokémon champion! It's a perilous journey. You and your Pokémon must be tough enough to take on the incredibly strong elite six then the double battle champion. You must protect the civilians from the evil team, made up of past characters and strengthen your Pokémon, beating several trainers on the way.
So it's just like Duel Monsters?

I do like the idea of the babymon quests and the integration of double battles into the main quest.

I apologize if this has been addressed five pages ago, but regarding the Pokedex on the first page - if a 'mon is highlighted in a dark square, can they only be caught after the Elite Six, or are they removed from Xenotime altogether?