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This is only a quick little review, as I don't particularly like digimon or it's style (which you've captured well)

Three points:
Though this might have been done on purpose, Ross seemed to handle the creature attack too well. I might have skipped over a part explaining this, but drop a 16 yr old boy in a place he doesn't know and has no idea how he got there and automatically, he isn't going to be on top of his game, plus he comes from a city, so he wouldn't be used to dealing with wild creatures. He also moves his knife into the right spot while the animal is in mid-air. Either this thing is jumping slowly, or this kid has super reflexes. Most peoples instincts are not to lash out at something that is coming towards you fast. It'd be more realistic if he ducked and then stabbed it.

- Joanie and Jacob (and Ross to a lesser extent) don't seem affected enough. as I said above, you have no idea where you are or how you got there. you heard a ringing in your ears and poof you're somewhere else, no matter how bright or upbeat a person is, they are going to be at least worried. to be honest, at first when I was reading this, I thought that they were at a camp and were out walking and bad weather was rolling in, so they were taking shelter. Other then the young kids, they all seem to be too relaxed about everything.

Also, Ross seems the type of character to speak his mind, so I find it strange when he hide how irked he was and he was nice to Tatiana.
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