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This episode was pretty fast paced as far as it goes with Ash "catching" Mijumaru.

Best moment of the show though was Mijumaru pushing Pikachu off of Ash's shoulder, and later blocking Pikachu's Thunderbolt with its shell. It's definitely the new Piplup of the show towards Ash, but more or less, its personality is an improvement.

After watching the episode, I can say I like Meguroko more than I originally had at first. They gave the Meguroko with the glasses both a leadership yet outsider role, which I found to be a nice mix. Seeing it again at the end makes me wonder if that was the last time we'll see it and if it's possible Ash can catch it at a later time. Even though I rather see James with it rather than the trash bag Pokémon some speculate he'll get. :\

Overall, the episode was for the least satisfying. Next week though, will Ash catch another Pokémon (three in a row)?
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