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Congrats, Charizard★!

Originally Posted by Live_Wire466 View Post
That reminds me, I need to finish working on my Zanpakuto too. xD
As do I (well, more just fixing up some things).

Well, Deicide is over...

Based on what we've shown (Yammy, no cliffhanger regarding the seal, etc.) I think the Aizen arc is finished. It's a damn shame, I'm rather disappointed, I think Kubo could really have expanded on this a bit more and really milked the ending a bit more.

Mayuri just makes me LOL.

And we learned a bit more about Kidou based healing, and what Unohana was doing when she came to Karakura (though we could've seen a bit of that earlier...).
Conveniant bandage censorship ftw?

When she said "why do you thank me" I GENUINELY thought that the next page would have her with her sword unsheathed, and just a bubble saying "when I will now kill you?"

Oh, so Kenpachi and Byakuya are back... And he was bored with the fight. Looks like Yammy was a MASSIVE disappointment. He's the 0th Espada for ****s sake, he should be stronger than STARRK. Seriously, what's with all the Captains killing these Espada so easily? Shunsui didn't even go Bankai.

Well, Yammy hasn't disintegrated yet. That might mean something. Also, the scene with the dog was... sweet, I think the word is. It's kind of like... when a villain joins the main character, and you see him being a bit nice and showing that he's matured as a character. Sort of like that.

When Urahara said "they all wanted to speak with you" I thought he was talking about the Vaizards... Which reminds me, why are they all so relaxed? As far as they know, Aizen might still be alive, right?

Okay, so the Central 46 will dispose of Aizen. Still allows for him to come back; kidnapped by someone who wants to release Aizen, not disposed properly, could unseal then and kill everyone, etc.

"He wished himself that he would lose his powers." When I read it, my first thought was "you're over-analysing it, Ichigo".

I felt rather pathetic when I tried to compare myself to Aizen, when he was talking about "he wanted someone to see his viewpoint" (or something like that).

On a whole though, I have to disagree with what Ichigo is saying.
Aizen has been spending this whole time gaining power: experimenting with the boundaries of Hollows and Shinigami, (I think accidentally) discovering the Hougyoku, becoming a God, trying to overtake the King and rewrite Soul Society... Every single one of these steps made him further away from "becoming just a shinigami". I can understand if Aizen as a character was lonely because of his level (hell, Starrk was like that) but what he did completely goes against that.

Again, when Ichigo fell, my first thought was "oh he's just tired", but the screaming... I'm interested.
This could be related to his Shinigami/Hollow powers? Assuming Isshin had used the FGT before (which is why he lost his powers), we know that the FGT will give you back your powers. But then where would the powers be stored? We know that Tensa (and HIchigo) would not like being sealed away, and may be trying to fight back and get out, which could be what's happening.
Or maybe it's something related to the Hougyoku? What if it, sort of "left Aizen" during the sealing, which is why his powers stopped working ("The Hougyoku no longer thinks of you as its master") and that it is now affecting Ichigo?
Or maybe it's something completely unrelated to what we've seen before. Maybe this is how the next villains will, somehow, be introduced?

Can't wait for the next chapter!
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