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Originally Posted by Sosuke Aizen View Post

I've just read the knew Bleach chapter and I'm not so thrilled with it. =/
It was fun watching Aizen be all "crazy" and all, but I'm depressed about his defeat. But, the newest chapter's got me puzzling over what could happen next! What could it be? Could the cause of this be because of Aizen? Maybe it's just something related to him losing his Shinigami powers. Hollow Ichigi, perhaps? Or maybe a completely different cause!

But, that explanation of why Aizen turned all evil and stuff's just beautiful. TwT That's one thing that I like about you, Ichgo! I just knew that was the reason(ehe...or something akin to that...)!

Sorry for being gone so long. =T
Oh Emm Geee Your're back. :D


I think Ichigo was spot on about Aizen, personally. And I think it explained why Starrk was made the Primera espada.

Like Ichigo said, Aizen wanted to find an equal, some other being as powerful as he was, which would give him this feeling of belonging ( the solitude part) Aizen wanted a sense of normalcy, almost. And the Hougyoku manifested what was truly in Aizens' heart. And the same applies to Starrk. Maybe Aizen empathized with him... Very interesting.

Oh and in case anybody didn't already know, Zaraki is a BAMF. xD I lol'd hard at his comments concerning the battle with Yammy.