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Originally Posted by Omega Zero View Post

Cool looking piccies and looking forward :D

Trainer name: Auron
Before Battle: hmph weakling
Defeat: Just a fluke
After Battle: go away!
Thanks. I like the Trainer name. Though I'm going to adjust the text (not long enough).

Originally Posted by countryemo View Post
Trainer name: Ace Trainer(?) Alex
Before Battle: This Battle is over
Defeat: Like I said!
After Battle: Wait, I lost?
~Feel free to change whatever buddy ;P

The screenshots look promising, the cave is eh, low mountains?
oh wait i should read the story to.
Wait a second, i remember this xD still it is good,
Good luck!
ill be keeping out for this
Thanks man. I think I'm going to adjust the text on your trainer as well, short text looks lazy.

Originally Posted by Teh Blazer View Post
Ooh, sounds like fun!
Name: Smuggler (That bandit guy with the sack of Pokeballs over his shoulder) Jerome
Before: Yo, my homeboy! Lemme hold a dollar!
Defeat: Yo man, that ain't mush!
After: Can I still get that dollar?
Sounds good. I'll use this

Originally Posted by nasonex View Post
Nice maps Alignment! But maybe you should replace
the FR grass with HGSS grass maybe?

Anyways, i hope to see more on scripting cause I
can see that the maps look great and I hope that
the scripts are the same..

Trainer name: Nasonex (Guitarist) the trainer with the guitar? i don't know his name.. >.<
Before Battle: I am at the top of the world!
Defeat: Why? Did I fall or something?
After Battle: Oh... I never got to the top...
My scripts are actually pretty good (in comparison with other hacks I've played). I'll make a video of a script soon. Look in my video section in the main thread (It's a link to the adopt a Pokemon thing). I'll make another soon. I like you trainer thing, I'll use it

Originally Posted by NiKaNoRoU View Post
Hai hai, good stuff there Alignment.
By the way, you have tile errors in this screen (misplaced the chairs).

Also, about trainers:

Trainer name: Barry (preferably a hiker)
Before Battle: Hey! do you like hiking, too?
Defeat: Guess not!
After Battle: I can see that you are more keen on battling than hiking.
Thanks for pointing it out. I didn't even notice while playing myself
I'll see what I can do with the hiker. Fault Cavern is pretty nice with the amount of hikers there is, but I'll add one just outside ;D

Originally Posted by DrFuji View Post
Gyms have basically died out? I think I died a little on the inside... D:

I don't know why I didn't realise this earlier, bu the sign's pallete isn't that great. I know that you're using the mountain pallete on the sign, and believe me it looks great on the mountain, but the colours you have used for the sign remind me of a big pile of poo. Don't swap the palletes or anything, just use some of the lighter colours to make it look nicer :D

Trainer name: Dez - (Scientist pl0x)
Before Battle: Do you know about the soil composition around here?
Defeat: Why doesn't anybody give a hoot about soil anymore?
After Battle: I think I lost my notes...
Well, the only reason there is a Gym in this town is because Smash master won't give you the HM until you beat the leader. I see what you're saying about the sign, you want it lighter right?

I like the name trainer idea ;D


The guy outside the gym. Can't have a gym without 'em.

I skipped the rest of the gym, don't want to spoil. OW is changing, also the gym tiles, maybe.

After I win. You could guess the gym element off this. Plus the fact it's the Flare Badge (For which I'm going to make a custom badge symbol.

After the gym.

After you beat the gym and exit

Probably going to be the first place you encounter high Emon activity. I've already planned everything for this. You're going to have to get through Lost forest first.

My Pokemon team at this point was:
Charmeleon Lvl 19
Diglett Lvl 7
Staryu Lvl 15
I didn't do any level grinding, and I adopted the Staryu ;D
Diglett is my Rock Smash minion by the way.

I also plan on taking away trade evolutions so you could evolve Pokemon without the need to trade. I kind of want to put in complete evolutions of all the Kanto Pokemon. This includes Pokemon like Igglybuff and Electrivire. Just the ones that are evolutions based on Kanto Pokemon.
Your thoughts about those?

Thanks for all the comments guys. I'll take in about 2-3 more trainers, and that should be it.