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Yeah, these will be short updates.
Don't expect vulgarity


God, I feel like I'm supposed to leave home even though I'm only 10.

Gee, thanks Mom. You're letting me go out on my own eight years early. Isn't that kind?

...Oh yes, he's trying to get some labor out of me. Didn't he try to get me to push a statue three miles last week?

START? MENU? What? Is this some sort of video game or something?

[ insert obvious child predator joke here ]

Why do you HAVE to make that God-awful pun? And Magby is fugly.

Awful pun aside, she's my choice. But I'll check the other one just for anyone who might be stalking me and watching my every move. (hint hint)
Eurgh. I despise this starter.

Alright, what should I name her?

Next episode, should be longer, and we name Smoochum and battle GREEN. Oh, and I'll try (and more than likely fail) to catch a Ralts. Yes, I'm a sucker for Psychic-types.

Originally Posted by Fastlane250
I really think the [ROBLOX] admins are not satisfied with breaking the game, they intend to break reality itself.