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No one has asked me for those. I was not aware they are completely hacked as I kept getting mixed messages about these events. Most have told me they can be legit but I did not know if they were hacked or not. I have not yet got them checked on Secure XD. I am trying to get my events all legit XD. Are you able to reverse the infraction since I was not aware of this rule for Shiny events here? I am having the exact same problem on Serebii. Here and there seem to be very picky about what can and can't be traded XD. If you could point out the hacks without infractions then I can go ahead and delete them XD. I was shocked about the same rule here since I have gotten rid of the Hacks I do know about and add them to my hacked list on Pokebeach as Pokebeach is my secondary account for here and on Serebii XD. On Pokebeach the rules are a whole lot different but did not realize the rule for Shiny events is pretty much the same as Serebii's XD. Sorry. In the meantime please tell me if something is hacked and give me a week to make the changes so I don't get anymore infractions XD. Thanks.
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