Thread: FireRed hack: The Ultimate Black/White Demake!
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Hmm, a B/W demake. I guess you will be using the English names as soon as they are revealed?

Well, seeing as D/P/Pt demakes didn't get too far in the past, it is natural for doubts for this, but considering that you are determined, I'll overlook it.

As for name, that could be harder... Why not Pokemon Shade, seeing as Black and White are technically shades?

Anyway, if this gets far, I will try it, and I will hope to see how you will play the 2 legendaries (perhaps similar to Emerald, in that they fight...) What will definitely be interesting is how you will allow the White Forest and the... Was it Black City? I can't remember...

Oh and the plural for Pokemon is... Pokemon. Like the plural for sheep is sheep.

I can't comment on much more, as you've not shown much. The maps, I presume are perfect demakes of the official ones? Either way, I don't like the number of flowers, but that is just me. No scripts shown yet, tiles that are due to change... Hard to criticise due to the changes you plan and that if you want it exact, you can't change the maps when they are criticised...

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