Thread: FireRed hack: The Ultimate Black/White Demake!
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Quote originally posted by Co500:
This hacks looks ok but how are you going to do all those scripts and Huin City? It will be very interseting to see, also there is a rom base patch that has the starter town house Tile.
But anyway good luck
P.S who inserted those sprites........
I'm sure he inserted them...

Quote originally posted by astar_01:
Lol nice hack you've got here.
I was waiting to see how long it took for somebody to make a B/W demake.
I'm glad to see it looks professional and all!
Oh, sorry about the name thing... But I got there first!
As for the 5th Gen Sprites, It's nice to see you used my Emboar sprite. (I let TB Pro use it in his pack).
Yeah I forgot to mention this earlier, but you should credit Astar as well for the Enbuoo sprite. ;3
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