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Originally Posted by nasonex View Post
I like the gym, It kinda reminds me of lavaridge gym and
saffron gym which has many warps. And your choice of
tiles for the gym is also great!

But there's something bugging my mind, it seems to me
that it'll be easy to get to the gym leader because of
simple patterned warps. I have a suggestion though,
you can make it like a two floor gym or a big gym like
saffrons' so that it will really be a maze like gym to
add a little spice to the game. :D

Anyways, Very nice update and I'll be sure to look onto
the next Update! Good Luck Alignment!
Yay for comment ;D
Well, it is the first gym, so I don't want to make it too tricky. The first two and last trainer battles are mandatory and the third is not, so it's not easy to get the the leader. Pic of how it works:

I thought I'd let you know the progress, scripting, mapping ect.:

Maps, scripts, events ect. :

Root Town - 100%
Route 1 - 100%
Cavern Pass - 100%
Fault Cavern - 100%
Route 2 -65% (Still need to add trainers)
Crosdon town - 100%
Route 3 - 100%
Lost Forest - 15% (I'm working on it)
Route 4 - 0%
Mayven Village - 0%
Route 5 - 0%

Overall - 45%
Yes, overall. There's too many sprites to go ahead and name.

When all of those hit 100 expect a beta ;D
Well that's not really considered an update. so here is one...


The Gym leader is no Pushover. These are my Pokemon after the battle.

Fixed the carpet thing ;D

This is a trainer script thing.

same as above.

Lost Forest.

I'm working on adding more of the trainers.