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Quote originally posted by AceDragonite:
I hope you don't get mad but this kind of reminds me of a monkey as well XD.
I wonder what it actually is, I have a feeling it will look cool.
Doesn't make me mad. You'll see it soon, though. ;)

Quote originally posted by ProdigyX:
The update looks good so far.. expect i notice the right arm looks a bit funny.. but it may ment to be like that.. ill have to wait and see the full thing before i judge it but good work.
It only looks like that because it's all colored in black.
The actual sprite looks better.

Quote originally posted by aSeRo141414:
This game is so good for me... :)
Thanks. :)


I felt bad for not posting the next starter, so I decided to post a little screenshot for you guys.
Nothing big, just some new houses for Corolla Town, and some new trees. :3