Thread: FireRed hack: The Ultimate Black/White Demake!
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Quote originally posted by solarowl:
Yay!! I am happy there is a hack of this! I hope this project gets completed. It looks good so far.
Thanks, I try to make it as good as possible!

Quote originally posted by TB Pro:
Really, I tested them last night and they worked fine for me :/

Actually, Pendora was too big to resize. It was like 90x85 or something...
Okay, I got it to work. For some stupid reason, UnLZ made the backsprites for shiny, so the normal backsprite got screwed up. Backsprites fixed! ^ ^

Quote originally posted by fer3096:
wo0ow your hack can go far in my opinion nomas tell you to do it in FireRed Pkmn ruby because it is very limited but still do not give up and more so if you put the music and graphics of Pkmn B & W
I want to put the music in, but I know literally nothing about music hacking. What I really want is to insert a voice group.

Quote originally posted by aSeRo141414:
hmm. I like the religions .. anyway, if you need help just ask me, I have sprite indexes..
I added a few more, to make it well rounded. Can I see the indexes? Pretty pweese?
Coming soon...