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Hey everyone. Sorry that I haven't been on in a while. My weekend was busy and I was dead tired after school yesterday.

Quote originally posted by Kamiya-chan:
Here's my zanpaku-to.

Zanpakuto Name;Ryukai
Zanpakuto Spirit;
A red half-man, half-dragon spirit
Release Command;
Shatter the skies!
Shikai Details;
Has a strange energy around the blade that adds to the cutting power of the blade. The energy can branch from the blade, but has a range of 7 feet.
Bankai Name;
Ryukai Matsune
Bankai Details;
Two red blades that contain dragonic power. They can shoot energy similar to Wind Scar or blade shaped blasts. The energy can be manipulated in any way, but the attack has to be made quickly, or the energy dissipates.
Anything Else;
I like your zanpakuto. It's abilities are simple but powerful, kind of like Zangetsu. Are you an Inuyasha fan too?

Quote originally posted by I like Pokemon (...):
Ah, okay, that makes sense.

He could also join squad 12 as a Lieutenant.
But I'm sure you can earn the captain position pretty fast.
Well, I'll transfer him to Lieutenant of Squad 12, since that's what you two want.
But he can let me know later if he wants to be captain of Squad 2.

Quote originally posted by I like Pokemon (...):
Colour of my spiritual pressure?
A green-ish sort of colour, verging near teal. Just 'cause it's a cool colour. Are topics allowed to be done by other people, Zam?
Since I seem either forget to do them or just don't have time too, I'm gonna let members suggest weekly discussion topics if I don't update it.

Quote originally posted by Graceful:
I just wanna know if Mashiro and Kensei are alive...(Especially Kensei), because all I remembered of what happened, was wonderwiss and Kensei (in bankai form) made an explosion and only Wonderwiss has been seen since.
Me too, Kensei and Mashiro are two of my favorite characters.

Quote originally posted by Graceful:
Can I post some fanart soon? It'll take a while to post though. By the way, it's sorta Anti-Aizen and slightly Anti-Ichigo, but I just find it funny.
Sure! I was wondering when someone would post some fanart.
Just don't expect any from me. ;p

Quote originally posted by I like Pokemon (...):
Killed off? I want any character who should have died, to be killed off
Off the top of my head: Hiyori, anyone who lost to Aizen in that reverse-gangrape (Hitsugaya, Shinji, etc.), maybe Mashiro/Kensei, perhaps a few lieutenant or a captain or two. Bleach simply has too few deaths, considering, well, they're in a freaking WAR.
I want Omaeda to die... >3>

Quote originally posted by Live_Wire466:
Wow this place is bustlin' xD

I still need a squad/Captaincy xD xD
Yes it is.

Apply for one. ;p

Quote originally posted by Charizard★:
Wow, so many members now :D

Momo's dead? I thought she was just critically injured D:
Grimmjow still could be alive, and are all the arrancar dead? Or just most of them?
Currently Momo's status is something like incapacitated, but not dead.

The only Arrancar either alive or status unconfirmed are Grimmjow, Nel, Gantenbainne, Rudobon, Loly, Menoly, Tesra/Tesla, and Pesche & Dondochakka.

Quote originally posted by RASENCERO:
Yes, at least Hinamori has to die.
I mean, she was useless to begin with.
You better run for the hills boy... >3>