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Quote originally posted by Kamiya-chan:
I would like either Squad 9 (favorite number), Squad 11 (Kenpachi's squad), or Squad 12 (my age)
Despite that I wouldn't mind more people in my squad... I don't think you should be in Squad 12, ONLY because, well, you won't be twelve when you're thirteen...
Quote originally posted by Kamiya-chan:
Well, I'd like 9, but I don't think I'm Captain material, am I?
Well, you've posted 14 times over 6 days (the 1st of October being when you joined), averaging just over 2 posts a day. Since you're still rather new to the club, you probably wouldn't be given a Captain's seating right away (for comparison, Rasencero was only given a Lieutenant seat, despite being in the club for almost a month now).
Quote originally posted by Charizard★:
Anyone else ticked that Bleach is taking a 2 week hiatus? I know I am >:[

I sure am.
Quote originally posted by Charizard★:
Anyone think that Ichigo will get his powers back?
Not soon, definitely no. If we assume Isshin used the FGT, it took him 20 years to get his powers back. If Ichigo gets his back, then his life would be back to "normal" (except Ishida, Orihime and Chad would have to fight Hollows...)

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