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Originally Posted by Diabolico View Post
Uskelly, I replied your post on my thread. The Darkrai and the arceus are fully redis and I was going to trade them for your shiny modest flawless Dialga.
Just about to put a reminder for myself...

GGled’s Darkrai (Timid)
IV’s: Flawless
EV’s: UT

Lord Scalgon's Movie event arceus (timid)
IV's: 31/x/31/31/31/31
EV's: UT

-Flawless Dialga

-Skamory x2

Clamperl / [Naughty Nature]
Trait: Shell Armor
30 | 31 | 31 | 30 | 31 | 31
Water Gun | Clamp | Ice Beam | HP Grass
Fully Redis

Delibird / [Timid Nature]
Trait: Vital Spirit
IVs: 31 | 31 | 31 |30 | 31 | 31
Ice Beam | Signal Beam | Water Pulse | HP Electric
Fully Redis

Please read if you are thinking of tradingHeartGold FCNeed BreedersShop In a Box
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