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So prison has different "layers"? I guess that's a good thing, to let some people be punished more harshly than others.

But 18, 800 years? That's not very much. In fact, I was expecting a death sentence.

Immortal? What? Didn't the Hougyoku stop working on it? Surely if the Hougyoku gave him powers, but decided not to lend him more, it would take its powers back.

Also, one thing I didn't like was how emotional the Central 46 guy got. I mean, the central 46 act like the government of sorts, in a way, right? So they should not be people who are so easily overtaken by emotion. They are supposed to be fair, but just, and yet they are so simple to anger?

Ah, so Yamamoto survived? That's both good, and bad, I guess... I find it funny that he's shouting at them for losing their haori. In fact, it's a little bit like a grandad/dad telling his (grand)children off for losing their winter coats, or something.

When he said "just what do you think those captain haoris are?" I thought he was going to say that they had some actual effect on their powers, or something.

I love the look on Ukitake's face, when Shunsui, Kenpachi and Byakuya are getting yelled at XD

"Soul Society still has yet to see a man capable of replacing him," I think I had a few ideas on what this could lead to, but then I forgot.

I wonder if Mayuri is researching Szayel's things, and those two bodies in the lab...

Urgh, Hinamori's alive?

"You disappeared," I don't see why people are immediately jumping to "he died". This could, literally, mean "he left without saying anything to me". Imo, this suits Gin more, concerning what we know of his character, what we know he has done before (Rangiku mentions "I've always hated that about you," which implies it's been done before, too) as well as the fact that it allows Aizen more abilities to come back in Bleach Z: he's still alive, and his temporary right hand man (because, really, Gin is the kind of character that Kubo could use as a double, or is it triple, agent).

Well, that explains how he's losing his powers. A few things to question, are, of course:
- How does Urahara know this?
- Why would it reverse the precipe world's effects? It's not directly related to the FGT. It doesn't make much sense.

"I can't sense any spiritual pressures" this doesn't make sense. He had this power before he became a Shinigami, why would he lose that?

I also really liked the final interaction between Ichigo and Rukia. It wasn't particularly shippy (which doesn't really work for me, unless I support the ship or it's done really well), and it flowed well. I can see it being animated really well in the anime.


Oh, mangastream tweeted "Bleachtards do not fret, Kubo himself said two more arcs (one 6-8month, one 2-3years) are still to come." I'm glad for this. The 6-8 month arc will likely be a flashback arc, perhaps a TBtP II. The second arc, probably a whole new thing.

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Ahahahaha, that would be funny if he came out with an official list of all the arms lost throughout the series. xD
That must now happen.
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