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3D mapping is different from other consoles... since it's all on the Nintendo DS engine. It's gonna be so fantastic to see the first map editor.

Originally Posted by Link_971 View Post
It's more harder than 3G.
Because models (houses, buildings) and textures (grass, trees) are separate in the Map.

That's why i've made other modes.
Hm... interesting. I had a feeling the Structure Objects and Layout Objects were sepparate because when I used the Walk Through Walls code... the textures on the Layout Objects were missing on a map that was supposed to have them, which only leaves it completely white.

As for the Structure Objects... they just appear as a block with gridlines in it.

It feels as if it might be a little easier to edit D/P with a tool like a map editor... because in the 3rd generation... we haven't figured out how to add new movements to different tiles.

Some Layout Objects probably have different frames, for the different textures. Because there's some Structure Objects that have movement, like the Wind Turbines for instance, they might have the different frames for the movement, as for the flowers probably are based on the different textures.
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