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I hate to post this, because I'm sure it's somewhere, but where is the sprite for the trainer cards? I've searched the forums and I even searched all over unlz, but I can't find them anywhere >:o

If someone can answer me, please let me know. That's the only part I can't get to match the rest of my sprites.

Originally Posted by Shadow Dawn View Post
I'm having the same problem. I save it as a .atc, but it's not available in Photoshop. So i check the folder. It's there, but it's saved as a .pal file. So I try again. I make cure to choose .atc. Same thing happens. Try it in a different location. Same. I try opening it in IrfanView. It says the .pal File is invalid. Tried opening in in APE. Same...

So, not only does it refuse to save as a .act, but the .pal file is invalid as well.

EDIT: I managed to fix this by downloading an old version of VBA. Google "VisualBoy Advance version 1.6"
Simple fix. It is actually created as a .act file, but you're going to have to rename it to bg.act instead of bg.pal

This gba has an error with it where it ignores the variable title, and the variable extension, but it does create it as the right file type, but labels it incorrectly. That was a scripting error on their part.

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