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Heya, thanks for the comments and criticism!

Originally Posted by The 100 Mega Shock View Post
The outlines going straight from lightly coloured to black as the shadow hits is rather extreme, don't you think?
Yeah I agree, the outline however was meant to be the "dark green", not the "Light green" though, never put in the highlight outline, cause I was too lazy. xD
But yeah I see what ya mean.

Originally Posted by Scarf View Post
First thing I noticed was that you picked great colors for your dragons. And the fire is nicely done as well as the fire-like patterns. Very smooth. Your sprites all have nice balance in terms of color and poses, except perhaps the ice rabbits since they are so pale. Still, it's really pleasing to look at them.
Thanks for the comment.
The ice bunnies were one of my first sprites which I practised - that's why they're kinda off, I tried to make them R/S/E style rather than P/D/P - hell the size is even wrong - 70x70 pixels... "

Originally Posted by BleuVII View Post
WOW! These are really, REALLY good! I really like the fire and ice rabbits. I can see them being version exclusives!

So do you take requests? Check my sig for my fakemon showcase thread. I would really like to see a sprite of Tanichi. I should be finishing the vector art for him today.
Hi, I don't really take requests but if I feel like it then sometimes I just accept the requests. xD

Well, here're the Tanichi sprites, hope ya like em!

EDIT: Tanichi Concept by BleuVII