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Originally Posted by MechaTrainer View Post
I think I did it the way you said i'm not sure because I tried compiling it and something popped out and said "Run Time Error 457 This Key is already associated with an element an element of this collection
#org $begin
checkflag 0x232
if B_true goto $gotit
message $q
boxset 6
givepokemon 1 5 0
setflag 0x232

#org $gotit
message $hi
boxset 6
#org $hi
$hi 1 = What are you wating for? Go On!

#org $q
$q 1 = Good Morning \v\h01!\nI'm glad you wanted to be\pa Pokemon Trainer\nTo start you of here\pis a Pokemon I found alone\nand abandoned

#org $gotit
message $hi
boxset 6
Perhaps that error message has something to do with the fact that you use the dynamic label "$gotit" twice. When you use "goto $gotit", the game won't know whether to go to the first "$gotit" or the second "$gotit", which is why the compiler won't let you compile.

Also, the 'givepokemon' command contains three extra parameters which are usually set to '0x00'. I haven't used Pokescript in a long time (and I suggest you switch to XSE or PKSV) but I don't think that those bytes are coded for in Pokescript's command database so you'll have to add three 'nop' commands after 'givepokemon'.

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