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Team name: A Team
Team Leader: Mekaj
Current Members:Mekaj
Current Game title: Pokemon Legendary Edition
Current progress made: Not much a couple maps edited but my mapping is horrible as can be seen from original thread.
Position(s) needed: Mapper, Spriter, Tile inserter, Sapper (Music Editor), Scripters, Eventers, Overworld editors, people who know ASM.(If you don't have at least intermediate knowledge of the position your're applying for please don't apply because experience is needed for this one.)
Timezone: U.S. Central Time it is like 3:05 A.M. right now. (lol wow i need sleep but frankly I'm not really that tired lol.)
Preferred Method of contact: Pm me to apply please don't send comments or criticisms just applications.
Additional info: Application

Position Applying for:
Proof of work:

Thank you for your time and for those of your wondering what I do, I develop the actual storyline and am beta and Alpha tester I also try to work on maps my mapping has improved since the horrible screens on original thread, so I'm getting better. If anyone knows how to make tiles for a desert region please let me know.