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Sorry that I haven't been on much this week.
School and life has kept me quite busy all this week.
I should be on some more this weekend though.

Originally Posted by Graceful View Post
There's gonna be a short arc on Isshin's back story - how he lost his powers, what happened before that, who he was, maybe even how he met Ryuken (which will be funny) and maybe a story how he met Masaki - I only know that because Kubo-sensei said so in an interview. And the arc after that might be anything, like how Soul Society was rebuilt, how Ichigo is, how Rukia is, etc.
Can give a source for that information? I've never heard of it before. >.<

Originally Posted by minchan View Post
Pics From The Bleach Photoshoot!!!

Enjoy!!! <3
Great photos Min!
I really like that person's cosplay of Tesla.
I almost thought that Andre being Byakuya was your captain from that other club
I don't think I could do cosplay, but it seems fun.

Originally Posted by minchan View Post
Well I guess Kubo's done a lot. He needs a break. LOL
Maybe he'll use this opportunity to count how many arms he's sliced off of various characters? Maybe make it a teaser page of some sort? Like, he'd draw all the arms on a shelf like trophies or something. XD Sorry, I had to...
That would be awesome if he did that. :D

Originally Posted by Kamiya-chan View Post
Is there a squad 11 banner? ^.^
You mean the userbars like in Min and Rasencero's signatures?
Those are on the first post under the fanart section.