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Quote originally posted by AceDragonite:
tbh cilerba the map you just showed is pretty nice but the earthy atmosphere of the town doesn't go with the blue houses.
Those are just temporary palettes. Don't worry I won't be using them.

Quote originally posted by ProdigyX:
I like the season mode its a good idea.. you should keep it
Thanks, but I've decided that I won't be using them.

Sorry for the lack of updates. I've been focusing on things other than Turquoise lately.
So, I'll just explain what I've done for Turquoise so far.

I've edited Essentials' Dependency Script so it's like an actual caterpillar system. (Thanks to KitsuneKouta for showing me how)
The bank system is also 100% complete. Also, I've edited the palettes a LOT and it looks much better now.
Soo, expect a few new screenshots. :D