Thread: FireRed hack: The Ultimate Black/White Demake!
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Originally Posted by tacticalbread View Post
This hack has the potential to be really, really awesome. Good luck. :D

Also, you may want to have a look here (
Thanks. I want it to surpass the originals! (Although that is impossible!)
Also, thanks for the translation place. it'll go by much more accurately!

Originally Posted by Ninja Caterpie View Post
It's pretty cool, I guess, but don't worry about the graphics for now. Later you can make them black and white graphics, y/y?

Anyway, the religion thing still seems really stupid. There are kinda too many and unnecessary ones (Victinians, really?) and...what will it really do? ._.

Otherwise, it seems pretty sweet. good luck!
K/k, I'll worry later.
You hate the religion?! Well, I trimmed it down to the original three. You see, every region should wonder where they (the people) came from. The religions are just a way of saying "this is how we came to be". Joining a religion allows you to do multiple side quests and gain special items/pokemon.

Originally Posted by tacticalbread View Post
I got bored, and made a userbar for this.

It's kinda meh, and I'm sure someone with actual GFX skills (or even a userbar generator lol) could do far better, but whatever. ;p

can't post links yet lol, so it's in my sig. :p
Thanks for the userbar! Maybe more people will visit this thread now!

Originally Posted by LuKaZ_TaBa View Post
I think the 1st one should be used in a more...Advanced areas where there's no forest and other nature stuff... The 2nd would work as a road for bikes or stuff like that...
I pick the 2nd one because you can add other stuff on it...

hope this project goes well...
Okay, that's 0-1! And thanks for the support!

Originally Posted by TeamRocketKyle View Post
dis is kewl :3 cant wait 2 download it
True dat man. Dis game might have da mini Alpha soon. It will be totally kewl bro.

Originally Posted by agentgeo View Post
I think you should add the B/W grapics, do not use the pre-done graphics.
Uggh! Complicated things!
However I will thoroughly consider that option. To work hard or to not work hard. Hmmm...

Originally Posted by アルセウス View Post
What about Pokemon Rainbow?
I am actually leaning towards Pokemon Catalyst. It just has this ring to it. And if you read the storyline, you are called a "catalyst".

Like I said earlier, I might want to release an Pre-Mini-Super-Small-Alpha that only goes up to Town Two (Karakusa) and Route one has all of the Pokemon I inserted so far. You like?
Being a hero is overrated anyways