Thread: FireRed hack: The Ultimate Black/White Demake!
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Quote originally posted by tacticalbread:
This hack has the potential to be really, really awesome. Good luck. :D

Also, you may want to have a look here (
Thanks. I want it to surpass the originals! (Although that is impossible!)
Also, thanks for the translation place. it'll go by much more accurately!

Quote originally posted by Ninja Caterpie:
It's pretty cool, I guess, but don't worry about the graphics for now. Later you can make them black and white graphics, y/y?

Anyway, the religion thing still seems really stupid. There are kinda too many and unnecessary ones (Victinians, really?) and...what will it really do? ._.

Otherwise, it seems pretty sweet. good luck!
K/k, I'll worry later.
You hate the religion?! Well, I trimmed it down to the original three. You see, every region should wonder where they (the people) came from. The religions are just a way of saying "this is how we came to be". Joining a religion allows you to do multiple side quests and gain special items/pokemon.

Quote originally posted by tacticalbread:
I got bored, and made a userbar for this.

It's kinda meh, and I'm sure someone with actual GFX skills (or even a userbar generator lol) could do far better, but whatever. ;p

can't post links yet lol, so it's in my sig. :p
Thanks for the userbar! Maybe more people will visit this thread now!

Quote originally posted by LuKaZ_TaBa:
I think the 1st one should be used in a more...Advanced areas where there's no forest and other nature stuff... The 2nd would work as a road for bikes or stuff like that...
I pick the 2nd one because you can add other stuff on it...

hope this project goes well...
Okay, that's 0-1! And thanks for the support!

Quote originally posted by TeamRocketKyle:
dis is kewl :3 cant wait 2 download it
True dat man. Dis game might have da mini Alpha soon. It will be totally kewl bro.

Quote originally posted by agentgeo:
I think you should add the B/W grapics, do not use the pre-done graphics.
Uggh! Complicated things!
However I will thoroughly consider that option. To work hard or to not work hard. Hmmm...

Quote originally posted by アルセウス:
What about Pokemon Rainbow?
I am actually leaning towards Pokemon Catalyst. It just has this ring to it. And if you read the storyline, you are called a "catalyst".

Like I said earlier, I might want to release an Pre-Mini-Super-Small-Alpha that only goes up to Town Two (Karakusa) and Route one has all of the Pokemon I inserted so far. You like?
Coming soon...