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Hack Name: Shining Platinum(Name under construction)

Hack of: Fire Red

Additional information about the hack: Its the same story as the Nintendo games, beat gyms/evil team. Only reversed and escalated, dare I say, to the next level. What I mean is the evil team is the primary focus and gyms are secondary. Also the team actually poses a threat. No longer can a singular child bring down an entire organization. Actually the entire purpose of the hack is to expand upon what Nintendo has done. Like the International Police, they get a larger role here. Also it as the return of Team Galactic, only they are under different leadership, stronger, and less laughable. The entire thing takes place in a new region, Suranna, it is home to Pokemon of all regions. (excluding gen V) More about the story shall be revealed if you choose to join the hack.

Finished Pecentage: 70%....... of the first town

My skills: Scripting, mapping, (bad mapping at that) OWspriting (not horrible but not that good either.)

What I'm looking for:Anything asides from scriptor but what is prioritised is: Mapper, Spriter, (Trainer and OW if you can) anything graphical (I fail epically at drawing)

Contact Information:PM me

Addtional Information:The entire reason I'm doing this is to get work done, fast. Expect to be put to work almost immediatly. Also at least try to be able to keep a schedule, we should be able to progress every Saturday and possibly Sunday. Maybe even more given that there is a vacation of some sort.