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Originally Posted by tachikaze316 View Post
So, with the ultimate challenge, do we have to choose a team which has at least one, preferably two members present in all regional dexes or can we choose any team (assuming they're available in at least one version of a generation) and hack/trade in when necessary?
Also, if I had a Magmar (for example) in my trio, would I be allowed to evolve it during the 4th gen part of my challenge?
You should try to keep one in all dexes, but certainly if you wanted a team of Furret, Tentacruel, and Noctowl (By God, who would want that team?) I woud allow you to hack in a sentret and hoothoot, respectively, into Fire Red or Leaf Green. But it would be best if you didn't have to hack in all 3. And, about the Magmar, I would have to say no considering it doesn't evolve in the other generations, so it would be better to keep it as a Magmar.

@Sydian Lol ok added you, have fun catching Snorunt! [/sarcasm]

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