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Anime 293
I seemed to like this scene a lot more than when I read it in the manga. They animated the battle really well.
I liked the chilled Aizen sandwich on Tenken-Tengumaru bread. :p
I'm still having hard time figuring out when Aizen switched places with Momo though.
Because it didn't seem like Ichigo noticed until just before Hitsugaya stabbed her.
Then everyone just gets slashrapped by Aizen. :/
Next up is Yamamoto's fight with Aizen and WW.
I wonder if the next episode will include some of Ichigo's fight with Gin.
The preview and omake were pretty funny. xD

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Off-Topic: Does anyone like my new avvy?
Yeah, I'm a fan of foxes and by extension, fox girls.
But who is that girl?

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Actually, I can't, It doesn't work on my continent.
Or I need to download something, but I doubt it since my pc is up to date and this stuff usually does work.
Then I'd just suggest DubHappy or similar websites.

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If that happens, the first thing you should do after is read Yu Yu Hakusho.
High Five!