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Quote orignally posted by Lugiaz Soul:
What I meant bout tha shrne is that when u face it, you only face eithar
tha right or left side and it doesn't look good that way. It would be better if
you can face tha center and ta do that you would have ta make it bigger. It
would be cool coz than yo gbee will have that difference from every othar
Check tha latest patch.
Quote orignally posted by colcolstyles:
Nstead of just complanng bout how tha world map doesn't look good all crbeped like that, I come offerng a solution. A while ago, I was messng around wit some of tha world map routnes n Emerald and I dawgaged ta do dis. When you fnish wit Johta and begn workng on Kanta, let me know and maybe we can work out a deal.
That's a really handy bit of ASM work thare.
And, snce I like gittng everythng done as early as possible n development, maybe we can figure somethng out now. PM me.
Quote orignally posted by Frankiscool:
funky ass spheal, but I did'nd like tha hero overworld.
Okay than.
Quote orignally posted by SilentWng:
Ohh yeah. Mah bad. Wow, what an embarrassment. What did you mean by "removng" tha Runs of Alph? :-o Just takng out tha puzzle and quest stuff fo now?

And when you sez "fixed," d-ya mean tha o15 download is updated [practically] on tha spot?
By "removng" tha RoA, that means that tha puzzle has now been replaced wit, "Would you like ta solve tha puzzle?" Y/N
And by "fixed", yes, that means that I update it "on tha spot". :D
Quote orignally posted by poopydude:
by any chance is you ncludng tha kanta starters n later on n tha gbee?
Maybe... Not very likely, though.
Quote orignally posted by DanishDahl:
Very mnor bug, but protagonist gits weird colors when fishng, otharwise bootylicious spheal! :D
Yeah, I know. Sadly, tha sprite pack I gots didn't come wit those sprites...
Quote orignally posted by Lugiaz Soul:
When I first commented on tha map and how it looked bad that it was all crbeped tagithar, I had fogotsten that Diego was usng Emerald. But wit dis cool thng that you did, now it's possible ta have a good lookng map.
Yeah, that rocks.
Also, by sezng that you'd fogotsten that dis was Emerald, that must mean that I've done a good job of portng over FireRed graphics. :D

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