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Quote originally posted by Zameric:
High Five!
*High fives back*
Quote originally posted by -Lapras-:

Though I have to say, Ichigo wasn't a slowpoke
Everyone else was just under the illusion.

Quote originally posted by RASENCERO:
On a different note, I finished my Zanpakuto!
It became even longer, Its almost 2,5 pages XD That what you get for making me think. Now start reading!
I'm liking you more and more now... You might just be the nerdy friends that I've always wanted.
Quote originally posted by RASENCERO:
Electrically charged matter is influenced by, and produces, electromagnetic fields, so I can use a slight “Force pull” or “Force Push” on small objects.
Just wondering, but how small? Would you be able to fly someone's sword out of their hands, or is it more like a small dagger just missing a crucial hit.
Quote originally posted by RASENCERO:
By just pulling very fast, but not breaking, on molecules I can create and manipulate fire. This is my second power.
To what extent? Can you just create a fire, as long as there is fuel, oxygen and heat? Is it to the extent of, say, MC or Yamamoto, or is it a lot more basic?

Quote originally posted by RASENCERO:
This can’t be used in battle, since it requires time and stealth. This is one of my assassin moves. I can only direct the flow of air, not use it as an attack move. It does make me invulnerable to poison gasses, by using a gradient to facilitate diffusion.
That's what I was looking for.
Quote originally posted by RASENCERO:
It is superior to most electricity and fire Zanpakuto’s, because I can control their particles to decrease their effectiveness.
When you say this, do you mean that "when compared to most other electricity/fire zanpakutou, my zanpakutou is better" or more like "against other fire/electricity zanpakutou, I usually manage to come out on top".
Quote originally posted by RASENCERO:
Finally; keep in mind that the following is always in effect:
Equivalency Change!
It's a lot better now, since it's much more clear what the repercussions are. Besides the things I wasn't sure of (and asked) it's fine by me.
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