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Originally Posted by ILP
I'm liking you more and more now... You might just be the nerdy friends that I've always wanted.
When you just look at me you would never think that I am into science stuff, I am not all that nerdy...
But then again, (where I live) people like me usually fit in quite nicely.

To answer your questions:
Originally Posted by ILP
Just wondering, but how small? Would you be able to fly someone's sword out of t heir hands, or is it more like a small dagger just missing a crucial hit.
Something like a small dagger just missing, but I have to see it coming and I cannot be use anything else with the defending scimitar at that time.

Originally Posted by ILPy
To what extent? Can you just create a fire, as long as there is fuel, oxygen and heat? Is it to the extent of, say, MC or Yamamoto, or is it a lot more basic?
I can create heat as long as there are molecules to vibrate, I can create fire as long the physical requirements are met. Even if I only use electricity, fire is usually a byproduct (Like when a lightning bolt strikes a tree. I can tone down the intensity, by not breaking the molecules, since I can manipulate the electrical charges between sub-atomic particles. Heat, and by extension fire, is created). I don't have special fire attacks like lock-on fireballs, but I can control the fire, so I can create ordinary fireballs.

Originally Posted by ILPeh
When you say this, do you mean that "when compared to most other electricity/fire zanpakutou, my zanpakutou is better" or more like "against other fire/electricity zanpakutou, I usually manage to come out on top".
Somewhere in the middle. Depends on the power of the opponent.

Originally Posted by Captain ILP
Ah, my bad, I meant Equivalent Exchange. *Edits*
See Fullmetal alchemist anime/manga.
In my opinion one of the most epic manga/anime ever. Not to confuse FMA (51 eps.) and FMA:Brotherhood (64 eps.), the latter follows the manga (107 chps.) exactly.

Did you see/read it?

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