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Quote originally posted by RASENCERO:
Age never stopped me. I learned a lot from wikipedia/discovery channel/scifi stuff. And you can't be more lazy then me, I learned stuff by watching rather excessive amounts on TV. I even learned english from cartoon network. Which allowed me to sleep in english classes. To this day I still do not know grammer rules, without making (many) mistakes. XD
I do still go on wikipedia a lot, and I try and watch some TV shows when I can (though the things that usually interest me are things I've seen already seen, like when they talk about time travel) but sometimes I'm just like "eh, it's too long, I can't be bothered". Depends on my mood (and how much of it is wiki-jargon).
Grammar rules, well, you're understandable. That's okay with me.

Quote originally posted by RASENCERO:
To get back on what it means for my zanpakuto; even tough my power has a wide coverage and my moves are epic, I can only use them if I can give an equal amount of reiatsu in energy it uses. I haven't mentioned consequences everywhere or they might not be obvious, but with this I am trying to say that nothing comes free and nothing is infinite if you can't sustain it.
That was all I actually needed. I understand that equivalent exchange implies "you give the same amount that you take" or at least something along those lines (which it has to be, what with the law of conservation of energy/matter). But at least I got a very good explanation.

And now I really want to make a more efficient method of using electricity (lik you said, most of it is used for byproducts).

Quote originally posted by RASENCERO:
You ditched him for me, now he is sad. Or something
Nah, he's not my nerd friend. Though he's been subject to some of my... "lectures" before.

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