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It made me sad too but how is it like a romance? Because of rukia?

Originally Posted by Zam
I approve and I will edit the first post.
Domo Arigato!

Originally Posted by ILP
Though he's been subject to some of my... "lectures" before.
Uh...Wait, What?! Please clarify XD

Originally Posted by ILP
Grammar rules, well, you're understandable.
Understandable? I don't make that many mistakes, do I? :s
I didn't meant to say I suck at it, I meant I could sleep in class because my skills where already at max, so there was no point in me learning rules since I was already doing it properly without them. Any mistakes I make are mostly to blame on my typing skills. They tend to fail sometimes.

Originally Posted by Zam
No, I wasn't crying because I thought it was sweet that Ant found a friend that is on the same level of science nerd as him. xD
I don't believe you, I can see it in your eyes. Also, I heard about the "lectures". You know you want to.