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It made me sad too but how is it like a romance? Because of rukia?

Quote originally posted by Zam:
I approve and I will edit the first post.
Domo Arigato!

Quote originally posted by ILP:
Though he's been subject to some of my... "lectures" before.
Uh...Wait, What?! Please clarify XD

Quote originally posted by ILP:
Grammar rules, well, you're understandable.
Understandable? I don't make that many mistakes, do I? :s
I didn't meant to say I suck at it, I meant I could sleep in class because my skills where already at max, so there was no point in me learning rules since I was already doing it properly without them. Any mistakes I make are mostly to blame on my typing skills. They tend to fail sometimes.

Quote originally posted by Zam:
No, I wasn't crying because I thought it was sweet that Ant found a friend that is on the same level of science nerd as him. xD
I don't believe you, I can see it in your eyes. Also, I heard about the "lectures". You know you want to.