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I like your idea of making a property line system, however I'm interested in how it's going to pan out. However, I'm thinking that you need to update with more screenshots as opposed to fakemon, at least show some of those within the game. Also, on that notion of fakemon, I like most of the sprites, however I think 101 of them would be quite ambitious and a little too many to be quite frank, but that's me. To be honest, what you're lacking majorly, is diversity between your screenshots, the updates look the same as the original screens and I think you need to mix it up a little, add to your tileset for example. The mapping seems to be quite good however, maybe you should push the boundaries and take the advantage of RMXP and add depth with the ability to add more tiles, more flow and more features to your mapping style.

All in all, you've got a steady base, you just need to work on convincing us that there's more than just aesthetics to this game, I'd like to see some events and some more towns with a different look than those already shown. Best of luck with your project, if you need further critique I'm free to offer my assistance.


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