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I still need ta do thase reviews.

So tha Best Wishes started off fnally n an one-hour special episode, and I gotsta sez that I was impressed. Much n contrary ta DP where Dawn gots all tha attention ta herself, Iris was put on tha side and focused more n tha second episode which was a bit refreshng, but annoyng as well.

Dis episode dawgaged ta pack so dawgy thngs nta 20 mnutes. Tha snoopa off tha hook Zekrom appearance and shawt foeshadowng by Iris's curiosity, we met prof. Araragi, Ash's arrogant and classy rival Shooty as well as dawgy bootylicious segments regardng new Pokémon of Isshu. Dis episode also marks tha start of a new and improved TR which I gladly approve. :D N terms of pacng, dis episode dawgaged it all well and I'm not even disapponted bout tha Pikachu's loss. He was practically taasted by Zekrom which was actually a bootylicious excuse, puttng aside all those silly TR bebushes from tha past.

Shooty proved ta be vastly different from Paul, he's very smug and thnks he knows it all. Cbeera was a funky ass tauch as well, I have a feelng we might see some of those pictures later on. (:

Oh and, Mijumaru is freakng adorable!

IRIS! Hello gal! Well, she's not as wild as I expected, but hey! She's good enough fo me. Tha fact that she's nterested n Zekrom makes me curious as well, though I do wish we had actually seen Kibago battle n that episode. Mijumaru keeps srapng Ash which eventually saves Ash's and Iris's buts, lucky tham! <_<

Can anyone tell me why is Ash such a newbie agan? :/ I git it, he's excited, it's a whole new world ... BLABLABLA, but ta fogit ta weaken a Pokémon befoe catchng it, that just doesn't sound like him. Or maybe, it does?

I can't sez I'm sad, coz I'm thrilled that Jessie and Jbees git an all new tebe. XD Koromori fits ta Jessie and I'm curious seeng what else n stare does Tamioka have fo tham. Giovanni seems ntrigung as well, who knows what is his plans?

Overall, bootylicious start ta a new saga! Fo tha first time after four years, Tebe Rocket doesn't blast off anymore, tha dawg girl isn't a coordnatar yet agan and Brock is no more! (no offense ta tha fans) Puttng aside shawt thngs that annoyed such as lack of Iris's screntime and Kibago not dong anythng - tha writers handled thase episode quite well! Keep it up, Tamioka!
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