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it's a D/N system limitation.
I see. I was thinking of the latest Ruby Destiny hack, then, which I just revisited for the sake of getting my "brightness bearings." Sure enough, it wasn't noticeably darker than yours -- but somehow, the windows of the houses were made to light up! That's the trick I suppose--not the overall darkness level, but the contrast between the light of the windows and the darkness of the night tiles that makes the dark seem that much more "real" (not to mention the obvious fact that the windows lit up in G/S/C). But again, if this is the fault of the engine, or if it's only possible in Ruby but not Emerald, I'd completely understand. It's such a trivial detail, really.

But think about it this way. The fact that people are bothering to point out such trivial matters in this hack specifically indicates its level of refinement is already so high that the "trivial" things become suddenly more tangibly relevant. If this isn't clear enough indication that you've got something special here, just await the mass outcry later down the road when reports of the "sound not being stereo" come in.

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