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Originally Posted by diegoisawesome View Post
I like and see what you're saying... until you get to the last paragraph. No, I won't be copying the buildings/trees from HG/SS because, if I did do your idea, then I think that fan-created ones would suit it much better.
But Game Freak's official presentation of the world will always be leagues more accurate and better-looking than some fanwank.

Especially that Project Platinum's tilesets give me an automatic regurgitative effect whenever I see them, just as much as the people who led that project (mostly elitist pricks who bash anyone who doesn't agree with them). Not to mention that they simply look dull, their Johto looks exactly the same as Kanto, it's so boring.

So, if you're neglecting official material, why don't you remake Kanto as well? After all, FRLG Kanto is just an inaccurate presentation of RGBY, just as HGSS is an inaccurate presentation of HGSS.
After 12 years of being a Pokemon fan, I'm officially quitting. This is not a rage quit and it has nothing to do with the Pokemon franchise. It's also NOT a sudden decision - I've planned it for months but I decided to stay a true, active Pokemon fan until the very last day. The reason for my leave is the fact that I'm starting my studies at the Uni and I decided that it's a perfect moment to move on with my life. I'll never forget all these awesome years and Pokemon will always be a part of my childhood memories. Goodbye friends! Thank you.
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