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Quote originally posted by Graceful:
It's most likely a new crisis happens or whatever. Most likely to be the accidently alive arrancar.
I strongly think it's a new plot entirely, because Arrancars don't really seem to be a problem (since the Espada are dead, that means everyone else is weaker than Yammy)/Aaroniero.

Quote originally posted by Charizard★:
I would like to see what happened to the remaining Arrancar as well.

I doubt they'd be more than a few strong ones left, but we never got to find out how many were made.
Can I see the list again?
I always thought that Aizen made a SUPER MASSIVE ARMY. But seeing as how Privaron starts at 100/101, he can't have made more than 89/90 Numeros. It really isn't as big as I'd hoped.

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