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Quote originally posted by Amew:
When you look at it, it's kinda funny....

5th Gen Sprite for Nintales. Look familiar?

I do believe they based it on this. avatar thing in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon.

Consistency, perhaps?
This one kinda reminds me of the Exeggutor thing. It had the same sprites in both Yellow and Gold and the developers hardly even change his pose, and usually go back to old ones. Yeah, just lazy people at GF...

Quote originally posted by PlatinumDude:
Now that you said it, Swampert's colors are darker compared to the older sprites. Swampert's B/W sprite is also the first of Swampert's sprites to be on all fours.
Actually, that's not on all four, he's just leaning in front. I think. I haven't seen him in game yet.

Quote originally posted by Logiedan:
anyone else noticed that mostly all Hoenn's sprites have been changed? inb4pokemonR/S/E remake.

I don't really understand why they switched to the Black and White sprites for Mudkip and it's evolutions.. ):


BW -

They were pretty perfect in HG/SS. I probably don't like the Swampert one because of the palette choice.
Actually, they only pretty changed the lighting in the sprites to reflect the 3D and made Swampert lean. That's all.

Quote originally posted by NiKaNoRoU:
Here's a list of sprites on B/W that dissapointed me:


Head fail.

Something makes me feel like this isn't a Crobat.

Bad palette choice.



Also, is anyone with me on the verdict saying that "too much black outline makes the sprites look 2-D"?
Like this:
I totally agree.
And no, Muk looks 3D, mostly because of the lighting if the sprite. Take a look at his hand, see the color ?
And OMG, Crobat grew feet ! =_=
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