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I really liked Ursula's appeal, really unique. However, I think the Sinnoh contest compared to Hoenn are just so..meh. Completely lacked the drama that May, Drew and Harley created.

- Nando's voice is echoey o.O
- Hehehe, at least Dawn kept that quirky mirror thing from the start of DP
- DD-Dear", no, don't add shipping to Kenny
- Kenny's voice sounds different
- Something's really up with Kenny's voice
- Heh, at least Draco Meeor hit Kenny
- KYAAAA Zoey brushing Dawn's hair
- Why didn't they keep Eevee's Japanese voice? -_-
- Oh yeah, I remember thinking evolving them both was really unique
- LOL PUSA played the Pokedex theme with another theme at the same itime XD
- ...Too bad PUSA cover Nando's performace with music

Music kept: (9)

Music at the start
Oldale Town
Sandgem Town
DPPt Contest theme
Fantina appears
Kimi no Soba de
Route 111
Okido Hakase's Theme
Music at the end
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