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Thanks to the brilliant PrinceLegendario, XENOTIME's gyms are now custom, instead of the boring changing colours of the official games. The ones shown are the first three, which will be in the demo. The first at the left is the Larcoon City Bug gym. But how, I hear you asking, do you enter? Well, you don't. Not at least until the water has drained. The second, in the center, is the Shrent City Rock gym. You'll have to challenge this gym first, even though it's the second. The third, at the right, is the Kindlewood Town Fire gym.


Progress on the upcoming demo is going well. Red-Gyrados is now our route mapper, and he has already mapped the route connecting Larcoon City and Shrent City. Apart from that, I've been able to fix a few errors, mainly in the battle systems layout, which will allow me more time to work on eventing Kindlewood Town and the new route.
The next update will include a lot of new sprites, including the male and female protagonists in battle sprites, Professor Larcoon's and maybe even a gym leader or two. Expect it soon.
And of course, thank you to everyone for your comments.

Demo Beta out Now!