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I'm going to play through the whole beta now that I have some free time. I have high hopes for this hack! :D
I'll also keep a look out for glitches.
  • Would it be possible to make it so you get the Map Card after the old man gives it to you? As it is bugging me that you have it from the start of the game... XD
  • I'm loving the fact that even small things like the radio (the tile, not the PokeGear function XD) are in the game. It's a shame they don't play music, but meh, I cna live without it.
  • The music is good too.
  • I like the Mystery Egg's sprite.
  • Oh, and how Mr. Pokemon has (what appears to be) a unique sprite. The same for Prof. Elm.
  • I'm a bit disappointed that you don't get to name your rival. :\
  • No more Wally! :D
  • Yay, Running Shoes! :D (For a second, I thought they wouldn't be in it.)
  • Mum/Mom doesn't save your money?
  • Didn't the machine in Prof. Elm's lab heal you in the original Pokemon Crystal, or am i thinking of something else...? Nevermind, you have to use the computer next to it! XD
  • The box that shows how much money you have when you are at a PokeMat is slightly cut off. Here's a screenshot:
  • According to the PokeGear, Youngster Joey is at the Union Cave when he should be at Route 30. Idk if you can change this, so excuse me if you can't.
  • Bug Catcher Wade doesn't get registered in your PokeGear. Again, I don't know if you're able to fix it.
  • Despite the Ruins of Alph's puzzle being dodgy (which you already know about, so this isn't me reporting a bug), it was fun. Plus, I loved how the hero falls down the hole. XD I know it was the same in the original, but it's still oddly cute in a wierd way. XD
  • I went and got the Running Shoes from Mom before I left, yet she still rings me to tell me I should have talked to her before I left, and says I don't have the Running Shoes...
  • Yay, the hidden rooms in the Ruins of Alph are in it... free items! XD But how come when you go down the hole with the unown letters on the floor, you end up at Violet City?
  • It seems Day/Night affects the evolution screen..? Fr example, if it's night, when you're Pokemon is evolving, the screen will still be tinted dark. o_o
  • Picnicker Liz doesn't get registered on the PokeGear... Is it only Joey who gets registered (out of the trainers you can battle)?
  • Nor does "you should take to your mom sometimes..." Ralph. Since I'm assuming it's only Joey who gets registered, I'm probably not going to say if a trainer that should get registered, doesn't get regisered into the PokeGear (unless there is another trainer that actually does get registered into the PokeGear.)
  • Another little error (check the spoiler for a screenshot.)
  • I'm loving the FireBreather sprite.
  • I love how you actually show Kurt lying on his back. :D

I'm looking for a Dunsparce at the moment...
I gave up on looking for Dunsparce! XD
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