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Rules for Pokémon Trivia

All Games in this Forum must be Pokémon Related

This is Pokémon Trivia. Thus, every game that you create on this board must in someway be related to Pokémon. This can vary from the Characters, to actual Pokémon themselves.

Any games that are not Pokémon related belong in Forum Games.

No going off-topic

Although this is the Pokémon Trivia board, all threads have their own special topics as well.
And like in every forum, the topic of the thread has to be followed.
Off-topic posts are considered spam, and repeatedly posting this will result in a warning.

As of February 2014 the Four Word Rule and the Character Bypassing rule is no longer in effect here in Pokemon Trivia. However, it does not allow you to post meaningless posts that have nothing to do with the forum game at hand. Please be sure not to post anything that could be deemed as such as this will be taken far more harshly since the other two rules are not in place anymore.

Just follow the game's rules and you will be okay. You are welcome to hold little conversations pertaining to the game but anything off-topic won't be taken as lightly anymore.

No Chatting Threads

There are currently only one game that is an exception to this rule. The first one is Watch out for Ghosts! and the second one is. If you would like to chat, go over to the 'Daily Chit-Chat' or the several games in Forum Games.


Please refrain from posting in threads that haven't been posted in during the last 30 days.

If a thread is too old, make a new one. Constant revival [five times or more] will be infracted with 2 points that will last for two weeks.


As with the revival rule; don't make threads that already exist and are still active.
Before creating games please search for existing and active threads.


Have some common sense. Abide by all the normal PokeCommunity rules.
Remember if you see any posts that break rules, report them. (Seriously. Pokémon Trivia is bad with reporting. You must all like to give the mod more work.) Please do not Mini-Mod.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact BinaryPeaches and she'll be happy to help you.

Remember to have a good time and enjoy yourself! Thank you guys. :D
Original Rules by Franceschi. Revised and updated by BinaryPeaches.

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