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My Zanpakuto is finally finished!
Zanpakuto Name; Ten Tsubasa [Ten Tsubasa - 天翼 = Heavenly Wings)
Type; Melee / Illusion / Element (Snow/Ice)
Zanpakuto Spirit; Ten Tsubasa's spirit is of a female spirit who looks like she is in her late teens. She has long black hair in pigtails which are tied with white, silk ribbon. She wears a white kimono with a black obi (sash) and she also wears white tabi and black zori.
Release Command; Tonaeru, Ten Tsubasa [Tonaeru - 唱える = Chant]
Shikai Details; Ten Tsubasa has one possible way of making the enemy or enemies go under complete hypnosis, it can be used also as a weapon in fighing as it posseses a strong, snow white blade which is decorated with a silk ribbon coming from the end of the hilt. It has slightly stronger abilities with it's snow/ice element. The hypnosis is only limited to when the wielder has enough Spiritual Pressure to use the illusion attack -the attack requires alot of spiritual pressure and isn't used often.
Fubuki [Snowstorm - 吹雪] is the first attack using the sword's element of snow/ice. A blizzard of snow surrounds the enemy and makes them defenceless / unable to see around them, so the wielder may attack them easily. Also, on the second stage (depending on the amount of the wielder's spiritual pressure) the snow would freeze them and make them unable to breathe - the wielder may also attack the enemy when the enemy then.
Yuki wana [Snow trap - 雪罠] is the second element attack of the Zanpakuto is Yuki wana. When the wielder throws their spiritual pressure via the blade it turns into snow and traps the enemy, it gives time for the wielder to use a stronger attack. And this attack seems to be quite weak and doesn't harm the enemy as much.
Tenshi no Uta [Song of an Angel - 天使の歌 ] is the final attack of Ten Tsubasa in it's Shikai state is Tenshi no Uta. A voice will start singing which only the enemy, enemies and wielder may hear. The enemies will become hypnotised or they will see an illusion. The hypnosis is only limited to when the wielder has enough Spiritual Pressure to use the illusion attack -the attack requires alot of spiritual pressure (or spare spiritual pressure) and it isn't used often. The only other way to use this is how strong the wielder's will reacts, the Zanpakuto would also use this to deliver the attack.

Bankai Name; Tsukiakari no Ten Tsubasa [Tsukiakari no Ten Tsubasa - 月明かりの天翼 = Moonlit Heavenly Wings]
Bankai Details; In it's Bankai state, Tsukiakari no Ten Tsubasa is similar to the blade in it's Shikai state. The only noticeble difference is that a black ribbon of silk is tied upon the white hilt of silk ribbon. Also, the wielder's outfit is changed to a white kimono with a black obi/sash. It still holds the same attacks, but the become stronger. It holds a special attack which is consealed until the wielder's will/spiritual pressure is strong enough, but can only be used a limited amount of times.
Tsuki no Gensou [Moon's Illusion - 月の幻想] Tsuki no Gensou is an illusion attack which makes the enemies see a person whom may have died/someone they loved underneath the moonlight. The person in the illusion wil come towards the enemy and the wielder can attack from any angle without the enemy seeing them. It also can make the enemy's heart (if hollow or arrancar) reappear, causing them enough pain for the wielder to strike him without the enemy feeling any pain from the strike at all.
Other ; Shikai Drawing

And apparently Graceful is still alive after a very long hiatus ♥