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This was a pretty good Gym Battle! It showed that every Gym Leader always has an excellent strategy. Take Torterra, for instance, a Ground/Grass-type versus Electivire's Ice and Fire Punches.

I honestly thought that Ash was going to lose this battle with Volkner, especially how Electivire took out Torterra and how Luxray finished off Pikachu by throwing it against a wall with Shock Wave.

Jolteon got owned by a Mach Punch to the ceiling. That's amazing!

I thought that Infernape's Blaze would go crazy again, but it's a different circumstance this time! What power!

I thoroughly enjoyed this battle, despite TR's attempt to break back into Sunyshore Tower. Now onward to the Sinnoh League! But wait...a month from now? Wow...

Onward to Lily of the Valley Island!


**The last time Pikachu used its Static ability was during the six-on-six battle with Paul. It was the match between it and Ursaring
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