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Oh god, I feel more and more sorry for Torterra...poor guy, I hope he kicks ass in the Sinnoh League. I suppose he needs to learn Earthquake....have any pokemon ever used that? Or Explosion? I know there was a banned episode with Whishcash using Earthquake....

Pikachu used Thunderbolt! (Electivire got faster)
Pikachu used Thunderbolt! (Electivire got faster)
Electivire pwnd Pikachu!
Yeah, I thought that was quite funny, tbh. Loving the Electivire appearance, though!

Infernape was cool....can't believe he hasn't got any cooler moves yet...needs Flare Blitz....or Calm Mind, that'd be cool.

Dawn really annoyed me in this episode, her cheerleading was pointless. Especially as you couldn't understand what she was screeching, and Buneary and Piplup just repeated their names slightly different.

I was slightly dissapointed when that queue of trainers wasn't going to be an audience...that would have made the bit in the dark with Infernape acting like a giant torch even better.....

Team Rocket.....I just ignore them now, anybody else do that?

Overall, I thought it was a good episode.....however I'm now slightly dissappointed that we probably won't get Ash and Barry vs. Flint and Volkner.....I want to see two Infernapes and an fact, by that, we need Ash and Flint vs. Barry and Kenny, don't we? Ultimate starter showdown xD.

1 month? Oh well, at least we don't have to put up with that irritating contest-announcer-lady anymore.
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