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I really like Salamence's BW sprite. It looks more like the official artwork, which has a much better pose than the other sprites. I like the colouring too, it looks more like the Hg/Ss overworld Salamence, which is kickass...which is also more like sugimori's artwork.

The same goes for Swampert, as far as the pose goes...I mean, looking at its' previous it honestly going to fire a Hydro Cannon whilst appearing to be sitting up, on two legs? It's not a Snorlax, ffs....But I think the colouring is fine.

I gotta admit, the ones where they stole the Gen IV sprites are pretty is the fact that all of the previous 5 generation's pokemon have their Platinum pokedex entries too....but you gotta at least realise with Houndoom they chose the one with the best colouring.
Yes, Crobat and Sudowoodo do look really weird...

Also, I gotta say, I only really came on this thread to say something about Dragonite....although I only include Gen III/IV sprites, as I haven't played a Gen I/II game, and they look out of context on Bulbapedia.

RSE: Why the long, bent face? Looks like a horse viewed whilst drunk.....It also seems to look lazy...

FrLg: Better second favourite Dragonite sprite, but it still looks iffy....

DPPt: What is with that pose? It doesn't look lazy like Gen III, but it's a weird pose, it looks like it's about to kidnap me with those arms...but it's Dragonite, and it looks too friendly to wish me harm.

HgSs: Slight hint of RSE nose....but looking back, all the noses look slightly off. Colouring is slightly different, but good. I like the pose, too, it makes it look active, whilst showing off most of his features. I also like the slightly different feet. Good job really, when one of my longest battles in-game will involve fighting 3 of them..

BW: Haven't played the game yet....but it doesn't bode well.

I don't know if people are normally so fussy about their sprites....but I love Dragonite, and I just wish he looked better in these games...

Oh, and another Gen III pokemon to finish off my post:

I personally think this is really, really good, although none of Rayquaza's sprites are bad (luckily he's lost the Gen III blue tongue), this has a hint of his official artwork, but he's leaning forwards ready to hit you with a Hyper Voice or Dragon Pulse, and looks pretty amazingly bad-ass tbh
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