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Originally Posted by Graceful View Post
Doesn't he do that most of the time? He knows what he wants the fans to think, and then he twists it around.
Yeah, that's the thing... I enjoy it when people do that, but it's weird when Kubo does it.

Originally Posted by Graceful View Post
*high fives* >.> I wish Bleach would be a little popular over here though.
Yeah, I know what you mean.

Originally Posted by Crystal-Heart View Post
What happened to Nel? Last we seen her, she was still in the battlefield after the fight with Nnoitra and she stayed there when Ichigo went after Stark since he kidnapped Orihime. I'm just curious, she's my favorite character and I don't even get to find out (yet) if Nel will get her true form back or even any sort of resolution for her as a character..
Like most others have said, we simply don't know. Which is a shame, because Yachiru (and then Kenpachi and Byakuya) probably saw her, so the Soul Society would know that some Arrancar are alive. But then what would they do with her and Dondo Chakka/Pesche? Kill them? Let them live in Hueco Mundo? Help them?

Originally Posted by RASENCERO View Post
But to make any realistic theory I need more info. The craziest I could come up so far was; "He is Ichigo's real dad" and "long lost brother". I mean we don't know anything about his mother, so Isshin can be claiming anything...
More realistically, he is a former shinigami with the same situation as Ichigo, but he has more "evil" plan. Or maybe he just want to help Ichigo to get his powers back, in order to use him for his own plans.
These are just a few thoughts....
I have more
Well, I think we can safely dispell the idea of him being Ichigo's real dad, considering how old he looks (maybe his twenties?), as well as the fact that Isshin and Ichigo have similar zanpakutou (Engetsu and Zangetsu) and that they both know the Getsuga Tenshou, it's likely that they're father and son.

Being a long lost brother would be interesting, but considering how Ichigo has his two sisters, it just seems unlikely that there would be a long lost brother (half brother.... nah, I still don't think so. Masaki seemed like she wouldn't be able to give up her son, or something).

The latter two seem the most likely, but again, I wouldn't be surprised if Kubo didn't do it because "it's too obvious".

If you really don't want to tell me them, you're doing a bad job :p TELL ME MOAR
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